What we do is simple (yeah right...).

We will tailor the right private tour of Israel for your interests, budget and needs. From fun and educational family tours to desert adventures and luxurious VIP tours.

Traveling alone or in a group? We will make sure your tour of Israel will be a smooth, fun, safe and most importantly an Experience of a LIFETIME!

Why Us?

Why we are Israel leading private tour service

  • Licensed & SUPER experienced guides
  • New, Luxurious & Safe transportation
  • Personal Customer Service Representative
  • Fully Customized Tour Plan
  • Special needs / VIP 
    Got You...
  • Competitive rates!

Why Us

  • Top Licensed Tour Guides 
  • New, Luxurious & Safe Transportation
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative
  • Covering All Asapects of Your Visit
  • Special Needs? VIP Service? Got you...
  • Competitive, Affordable Rates


Custom Private Tours

The following are selected private tours itineraries which were drafted by our top tour guides. These tours can be booked as is or be used as a base for your own custom made tour. Our senior tour consultant will help you draft the perfect itinerary to match your interest, budget and needs.

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Explore Israel’s Northern Galilee and Golan Heights in a journey that will take you through the Kabala capital, Safed to the wilderness dramatic views of the Golan Heights.  Read More
A not-to-be-missed private tour to the wonders of Old and Ancient Jerusalem with a selected picks from the new parts of this magnificent city. Read More
Visit Israel's coastal wonders - The Roman ruins of Caesarea, the ancient port city of Acco and the magnificent cliffs of Rosh Hanikra.  Read More
A fascinating, scenic and fun tour to not one, but two wonders of our world. Read More