A fascinating, scenic and fun tour to not one, but two wonders of our world.

Private Tour Description

The Judea Desert which stretches through a small narrow strip holds some of the worlds most fascinating wonders. Its beautiful cliffs and creeks witnessed some of the most dramatic battles of the ancient world and together with inspiring, man-made marvels, they tell a breathtaking story. 
The Dead Sea and Masada tour combine breathtaking views, a visit to a world heritage site of Masada and a fun, relaxing visit to a Dead Sea SPA with its unique natural features.

This entirely customizes, private tour can accommodate any group size. You will be able to set the pace of the tour, get answers to all of your questions and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated private tour guide and a private vehicle that matches your group size.

Why book the Dead Sea and Masada tour with us?

  • The most experienced, licensed tour guide to this area
  • Luxurious, safe, comfortable transportation
  • Pickup from anywhere in Israel
  • Complete flexibility 
  • Help in planning your itinerary
  • Competitive rates for a private tour 

Masada and the Dead Sea Suggested Private Tour Plan

From Jerusalem, we will head east and descend through the Judea Desert to the Dead Sea - the lowest place on the face of the earth. On the meeting point with the Dead Sea, we will turn South and drive by its shore all the way to Masada. This ancient fortress and palace, built by King Herod are one of the most impressive monuments of ancient times. Designed as a winter palace and an asylum for times of crisis, for the royal family, it included all the luxuries and splendor of the time. We will climb to the top of the mountain by cable car or by foot and learn about the epic battle that took place here, during the Jewish rebellion against the Roman empire. 

During the "Great Rebellion" (66AC-74AC) Masada was the last standing point for a group of fanatic Jewish warriors who escaped Jerusalem. We will learn about this unique group of people and examine the chilling evidence of their tragic end. We will enjoy a truly breathtaking view of the Dead Sea and the clearly visible signed of the Roman legions camps in the valley below. 

Next, we will head down to the Dead Sea where you will be able to enjoy a relaxing few hours and experience its famous therapeutic features. Experience the sensation of weightless floating, the healing elements of the salt and the nourishing effect its black mud has on your skin.

Tour Details:

Departure: Daily
From: Anywhere in Israel.

Departure time: Usually 8:00 am on weekdays, to avoid traffic (sunrise tours are also available upon request).
Tour Duration: 8-9 hours.

Please note that the prices presented below are subject to changes based on the number of km (if above 200km daily), the number of days, time of year, tour guide, pick up point and number of participants.

Our representative will make sure to provide you with fair & final pricing before finalizing the tour.

  Rates With Private Transportation*  Rates Without Transportation**
1-4 Persons $650 $450
5-6 Persons $700 $450
7-9 Persons $850 $550
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* Rates based on Jerusalem departure. 
** Rates without transportation for travelers who wish to rent their own transportation.

Additional Info

  • Handcap: Fit for
  • Time: 4.5 Hours
  • Sun: Day Tour
  • Treeconifer: Scenic tour
  • Star of David: Jewish Heritage Tour