israel tour guide prices

While a private tour aboard a luxury private transportation is usually more expensive than joining an organized group tour, the difference is usually smaller than expected and the benefits of traveling with your own private tour guide are overwhelming.

What influences your tour price?

Our price for a private tour varies according to the following variables:

  • The length of your tour (i.e number of days)
  • The number of millage you will cover (driving) with your guide
  • The time of the year
  • Number of participants 
  • Will you need a guide and transportation, or will you do your own driving? 


So how much you should expect to pay for my private tour?

A private tour (8-9 full daily hours) with one of our expert guides starts at $490 for a walking tour without transportation and $690 for a private tour with luxury private transportation for up to 4 persons. 

After receiving from you all the relevant information, we will be able to draft a price quote for your private tour of Israel. 

Contact us today to get your personal price quote to match your budget and needs. 



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