Celebrating Bar or Bat Mitzvah in Israel can be the type of experience that will stay with your family for generations. An Israeli experience, that will be tailored to your family (and to the Bar Mitzvah boy or girl) can create a true coming-of-age-experience that will bond your family to the Jewish homeland.

We believe, that a bar/bat Mitzvah tour should include a combination of history, ancient and modern Jewish heritage, together with a lot of family fun and experiences that will appeal to a coming of age teen as well as the entire family.

Do you think your Bar Mitzvah boy or girl will like rafting in the Upper Jordan River? Or maybe a day in an IDF live fire range? Maybe a desert 4X4 experience and a night as a guest at a Bedouin resort?

We are aware that the “tricky” part of the tour is that in the end, it is a family trip, with different ages and interests of each member. It is a delicate mix and together we will finalize a tour plan that will touch every one of the group members, putting the Bar/Bat Mitzvah as the center of events.

In addition to the tour, we would be happy to help you arrange an unforgettable ceremony and/or event. Would you be interested in a ceremony at the western wall? a big welcome party at the David Tower in Jerusalem? we can make it happen!

The flexibility and options are endless. Some prefer to start their journey with the Mitzvah ceremony and some prefer to save the best for last. We will draft an itinerary based on your time limitations, the type of group and budget. Be sure, all the pieces of this memorable journey matter to us. We understand how important this trip is to your family, and we will do anything in our power to make it a truly unique experience.

Below is a sample itinerary for a Bar Mitzvah tour, which you can use as a reference.

Contact us today, tell us a little bit about what you're looking for, and we will get back to you with a suggested itinerary that will be tailored to your need.

Jerusalem - ideally minimum 2-3 days

  • Old City tour (mount Scopus, Zion gate, 4 quarters (Armenian / Christian / Muslim /Jewish (including the Cardo, Kotel, and Kotel tunnels)).
  • Tour the city of David - where you can witness King’s David’s palace and possibly where he was also buried, homes from the 1st temple period in time and an underground water tunnel.
  • Yad Vashem - 3-4 hours tour.
  • Mahane Yehuda Market - definitely one of the “best sellers” of the new Jerusalem which well represents the Israeli fascinating mix of cultures and different origins.
  • Nachlaot neighborhood - small courtyards of old-style houses and small synagogues in the middle of the city.
  • Mea Shearim neighborhood - ultra-religious neighborhood, fascinating to learn about the different lifestyle and way of life.
  • Drive through/visit the Knesset - a pick to modern democratic Israel - Israel’s parliament, the supreme court, the Israel Museum - (where the shrine of books is located and where you can view the famous dead sea scrolls).
  • Bar Mitzvah in the Kotel!!!

Dead Sea & Masada - ideally minimum 1-2 days

  • Floating in the dead sea & mud experience - nothing like it in the entire world!
  • Masada Fortress - one of the best UNESCO heritage sites around the world.
  • Mizpe Shalem - stunning and very unique small boat trip in the salt of the dead sea.
  • Ein Gedi reserve - short & easy hiking (including beautiful desert waterfalls).
  • Qumran caves - where the dead sea scrolls were found.
  • Army practice.

North of Israel: ideally minimum 2-3 days:

-Golan Heights area:

  • Jeep/special self-driving razer trip.
  • Hidden Springs.
  • Nimrod Fortress.
  • Beautiful waterfall in the Banias nature reserve.
  • Mount Bental - a safe and a great location to examine Israel’s geopolitics & challenges. This is where you can also walk the IDF trenches.

-Galilee area:

  • Beit Shean - an incredible archeological national park, contains 15 subsequent occupation layers - 15 cities, one on top of each other.
  • Spend a day at the Sea of Galilee and the Galilee hills - beautiful drive in beautiful scenery. You can also go for a swim in the sea of Galilee.
  • Tiberius - an option to visit the old city.
  • Safed - an old Jewish mystical city (also known as the birthplace of the Kabbalah), including 500 years old winding streets with many art galleries and old synagogues from the 16th-century.
  • Manara - cable car to the Manara cliff.
  • Mount Meron - the holy gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
  • Super fun family kayaking/rafting/canoeing trip on the Jordan River.
  • A visit to a chocolate factory.
  • 4X4 Jeep adventure.
  • Zippori National Park - explore Jewish life in what was once the capital of the Galilee and where the Mishna was completed. This site is famous for its big variety of beautiful mosaics from the Roman and Byzantine periods.
  • Tel Dan nature reserve - a beautiful forest and optional bathing in the largest source of the Jordan river.

-Coastline area:

  • Rosh Hanikra - cable car/walk to the special limestone grottos, shaped by the waves of the sea.
  • Akko/Acre - a UNESCO recognized World Heritage city with an incredible sea view. Explore the small alleys and vibrant, old marketplace.
  • Haifa - located on Mount Carmel. Including the magnificent Baha'i gardens.
  • Zichron Yaacov - visit the artist colony and the Aaronson house (“Nilli” museum), used for spying in the 1st world war.
  • Atlit - a former British prison camp for Jewish holocaust refugees just before the establishment of the state of Israel.
  • Caesarea - an ancient Roman port city, built by King Herod. Caesarea still holds a well preserved archaeological ruins including a theatre and Hippodrome.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa - ideally minimum 1-2 days:

The tech hub, heart, and center to the modern, advanced, young and beating heart of Israel.

  • Jaffa - beautiful winding streets located on a cliff next to the sea. Visit the local art galleries, walk along the old and renovated Jaffa port next to the trendiest area of the flea market.  
  • Neve Tzedek - the 1st Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa’s walls.
  • Rotchield avenue- visit the independence hall where the state of Israel was declared.
  • Saroona - a beautifully restored colony in the center of Tel Aviv.
  • HaCarmel Market - Tel Aviv's colorful food market.
  • Nahalat Binyamin - a fun artist fare full of local arts & crafts.
  • Army related museums - in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, lies two interesting war museums: the “Latrun” former British police station & today tank museum and Ayalon institue which was an underground bullet factory in the years prior to the establishment of the state of Israel.

South of Israel - Desert/Eilat Experience - minimum 2 days:

  • Mitzpe Ramon area - explore the Ramon crater, with its colorful sand, desert hiking tours, rappelling, 4X4 tours, astronomy lookouts, Alpaca farm, eco cheese farms and more.
  • Zin Valley - desert oases with clean springs, jeep tour, hiking routes.
  • Eilat - located on the red sea. A great place to relax, take a few days off for snorkeling, scuba diving, desert excursions, and nightlife. Eilat is ~5-6 hours drive from the center of the country. For those who wish to save the time of driving through the desert (although it is a beautiful drive), we recommend catching a 1-hr flight.
  • Eilat is also the ideal starting point for Jordan (Petra/Acaba/Wadi Rum) trips.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us NOW to get your Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah trip privately customed itinerary!

Additional Info

  • Handcap: Fit for
  • Time: 4.5 Hours
  • Name: Christian Heritage Tour
  • Sun: Day Tour
  • Treeconifer: Scenic Tour
  • Star of David: Jewish Heritage