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I am going to solve this for you....really solve it, because you are going half way around the world for potentially a once in a lifetime experience and hope to be transported to another time and a have fantastic experience and your guide is your path to making this happen and YES it is that important to get it right.

Let me introduce the best guide in Israel, Meir More. Meir was our guide in March of 2014 and led us on a journey that was equal parts spiritual, multi-faith, historical, geographical, and political. He was steady and unbiased, super knowledgeable, expert on every aspect of every place we saw from every perspective. He explained things simply when called for and could go deep and complex whenever called upon.

But his gentle manor and way with our private party of four was super human. He simultaneously catered to all of us seemingly at the same time making sure every in the group got to see and learn about what was important to them . He was flexible on the trip---committed to the written itinerary but willing to go off track if that's what we wanted.

This is an incredible nice man who we became friends with after the 3 days. We've traveled the world and never had a better guide anywhere.

So yes, you have concerns, you have worries....well, I've just solved your guide issues in Israel!
Date of Posting: 15 October 2016
Posted By: Brian Munroe
Vienna, VA
Eldad was our private guide for two full days in Jerusalem. Both my companion and I felt fortunate to have an individual with such broad knowledge (historical to the current geo-political climate)and such a gift for "story-telling" introduce us to this complex and interesting city. He was enthusiastic about our many questions and thorough in answering them. We will definitely seek him out again when we return and highly recommend him to others.
Date of Posting: 15 October 2016
Posted By: Loni Davis
Well how do you explain perfection? It started with the customer service provided by Moise well before the trip began.

Booking was easy, cost explained in advance and payment taken with integrity.

The tour had to be organised to cater for 8 males on a stag party; aged between 40 and 70; a collection of atheists, Christians, agnostics led by one follower of Judaism!

We could not have asked for a better guide than Yosef Speizer. Young, learned and of orthodox faith who just as he felt at ease with his identity so he made my friends feel at ease on there first trip to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

Everyone got something out of the trip, all enjoyed it and the group of us, who often can never agree as to whose round it is, all agreed that Yosef was excellent and made the difference between a good trip and an exceptional one.

' to remember and never to forget'

Thank you
Date of Posting: 15 October 2016
Posted By: David Campbell
Eldad was our tour guide for one day in Jerusalem. It was fantastic. We have 3 kids: 13, 12, an 9. Eldad managed to keep us all engaged by showing us sights and telling us stories that appealed to all. He succeeded in crafting a fascinating narrative of histories which dovetail to create what is now Jerusalem. He was very flexible and attentive. I would definitely recommend Eldad for anyone wishing to discover, and enjoy, the complex nature of this incredible city.
Date of Posting: 15 October 2016
Posted By: Arnold Kristof
"unbelievable" is how we describe the trip to everyone that asks. Meir, thanks for making it so.
if you ever get up to speed on face book, please "friend" me.
we look forward to seeing your pics and vids. All the best, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts
Date of Posting: 15 October 2016
Posted By: Scot Shay
Our family had the absolute pleasure and blessing of traveling to the Middle East end of June 2015!

While in Israel, we traveled to Jerusalem and were eager to see and do everything!!

The man for that adventure was Eldad Brin!

My husband planned our whole trip and had looked into tour guides for our stay in Jerusalem, Eldad was his choice and what a wonderful choice he made!

This man has immense knowledge of his country and the history that lives within it.

He is an absolute professional and had our 4 days organized and plotted out from start to finish!

We were able to see all that we had requested and know that we would have never been successful at seeing a 10th of it had we attempted to do this in our own.

As serious as Eldad is, he can also be quite funny!

We are a fun family that laughs a lot with big senses of humour!

That didn't scare him off and he quickly fit right in with us and we had a great experience!

He was an extended part of our family and we were so appreciative for the experience!

Thanks Eldad- You Rock!!
Date of Posting: 11 May 2015
Posted By: Karla
Eldad Brin is an incredible guide, extremely knowledgeable about his country, while also taking a genuine interest in creating a meaningful experience for his visitors. He has a clear passion for Jerusalem and Israel, their history, religions, culture, politics, geography, people, etc. Traveling with Eldad was a real pleasure, and truly unforgettable.

My family and I spent 6 days in Israel with Eldad, traveling through many of the major sites in the country. His breadth and depth of knowledge is seemingly inexhaustible. Eldad was adept at giving not just the history and background of these locations, but also weaving together the stories that explain the significance and importance of each. We were all amazed by his deep understanding of all the places we visited, and the thought-provoking insights that he shared with us.

My family and I continue to talk about what an amazing experience we had in Israel thanks to Eldad. We cannot recommend him more highly – he is by far the best guide we have had the pleasure of meeting throughout our international travels.
Date of Posting: 11 May 2015
Posted By: Sam C.
I wanted to get in touch with you while the trip is still very fresh in my mind. To say it was glorious is an understatement. There can always be tweaks to anything in life, but this trip was pretty close to perfect for us.

Much of the credit goes to Ariel Stolar, who had to have been the PERFECT guide choice for our family of "the three girls" as he affectionately called us.

He was such a dear human being that we felt our missing brother on the trip, Andy, was with us in his person. HE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE SOLICITOUS TO OUR MOTHER! He was there at every turn to offer her a strong arm for walking, speaking loudly to accomodate for her hearing and generally arranging whatever he could (including taking her shopping in the Arab market - not an easy task!) to make the trip as perfect for her - as she was the honored guest - as he could. He is a GEM. I cannot imagine any other tour guide rising to his level and I have had several excellent previous tour guides in Israel. He is indeed a very special person as well as being an excellent, superbly-informed, and easy going-fun guide, companion and now FRIEND for life.
Date of Posting: 11 May 2015
Posted By: Laurie
Chicago, illinois
The tour was absolutely fantastic, Meir was very knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, informative and entertaining at the same time, we couldn't have had a better guide. He was very well prepared in advance, with books and maps, and he was willing to answer any questions we had. The whole day was perfect, we would be very happy to travel with him again or recommend him to friends.

I've attached a picture.

Thank you again and best wishes, Tamara
Date of Posting: 11 May 2015
Posted By: Ratz Tamara

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