Explore Israel’s Northern Galilee and Golan Heights in a journey that will take you through the Kabala capital, Safed to the wilderness dramatic views of the Golan Heights. 

Private Tour Description

The Northern part of Israel offers some of the most dramatic scenery together with fascinating current and ancient history. The strategic importance of the area is clearly visible and it is easy to understand why it has witnessed some of the most dramatic clashes of our time. 

Today, it is one of the most peaceful, green and prosperous parts of Israel. 

This entirely customized private tour accommodates any group size. You will be able to set the pace of the tour, get answers to all of your questions and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated licensed private tour guide and a private vehicle that matches your group size.  

Why book the Golan Heights and Safed Tour?

  • The most experienced, licensed tour guide to this area
  • Luxurious, safe, comfortable transportation
  • Pickup from anywhere in Israel
  • Complete flexibility of tour plan
  • Help in planning your itinerary
  • Competitive rates for a private tour 


Optional Private Tour Plan

Our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel. It is recommended to begin this tour at one of the hotels in Northern Israel to avoid the long drive.

Our first stop will be Safed. During the 16 century, Safed grew to become an important Jewish and KABALA center (Jewish Mysticism). Its importance grew until it became one of the four holy cities for Jewish around the world.

With its dramatic setting, little alleys and streets, small yet significant synagogues, artists workshops and more, Safed today is a cultural and spiritual center that attracts religious and secular travelers from Israel and around the world. In fact, it offers some unique B&Bs you may want to consider. 

Safed deserves at least 2-3 hours. We will explore ancient Synagogues including the Caro and Ari. Embrace the enchanting atmosphere of this city with its cobbled streets, iconic blue doors that connect the city with heaven above, and its dynamic artists' colony.

We may decide to lunch at one of the local restaurants and next, we will drive down to the Hula Valley on our way to the Golan Heights.

The Hula Valley is one of the most fertile areas in Israel. It is full of Kibbutzes agricultural settlements (We may visit one on the way). Before the Jewish/Zionist settlement of the area, it was mostly a swampland. Today, after a massive drying operation, at the beginning of the 20th century, only a small lake remains which is a nature reserve and the home to thousands of birds who nest here on their way from and back to Africa. 

The Golan Heights, which we will head next, stretches from Hamat Gader, next to the border with Jordan all the way up to the Hermon Mountain which is the highest mountain in our region. These volcanic heights offer dramatic views extraordinary history. Here we will need to choose between a visit to Gamla - the ancient city that was the scene of an epic battle between the Jewish rabbles and the Roman army or a visit to the Hermon mountain. Other actives are also available - a 4X4 tour, water raffling in the upper Jordan River and more. 

You may also like to visit the sites of the 1967 and 1973 battles and learn about the current political and security situation in the area. 

An overnight stay in the area is more than recommended. 

Tour Details:

Departure: Daily
From: Anywhere in Israel.

Departure time: Usually 7:00 am on weekdays, to avoid traffic.
Tour Duration: 9 hours (We recommend an overnight stay in the region).

Please note that the prices presented below are subject to changes based on the number of km (if above 200km daily), the number of days, time of year, tour guide, pick up point and number of participants.

Our representative will make sure to provide you with fair & final pricing before finalizing the tour.

  Rates With Private Transportation  Rates Without Transportation*
1-4 Persons $650 $450
5-6 Persons $700 $450
7-9 Persons $850 $550
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* Rates without transportation for travelers who wish to rent their own transportation. 


Additional Info

  • Handcap: Fit for
  • Time: 4.5 Hours
  • Name: Christian Heritage Tour
  • Sun: Day Tour
  • Treeconifer: Scenic Tour
  • Star of David: Jewish Heritage