Background: Asnat is a bi-lingual tour guide who guides both in English and Dutch. She has an extensive background in Christian and Jewish history and a lot of experience guiding not only individuals and VIP tours but also larger groups. Her professional background includes working with the Hadassa Medical Institute as one of their top guides.
Asnat is a top guide for VIP guests as well as guests with various disabilities.

Famous/Important guests: Top guests from Wizo, Keren Hayesod (UJA) and JNF, AIPAC donors, and the numerous Christian Pilgrimages, as well as solidarity missions to Israel

About myself: Being a top tour guide is all about providing a reach, personal experience that includes all angles of the country. If you are only an expert in ancient history or modern history you will provide your guests with a very limited experience. Connecting the dots between past and present history, between language, culture, people and places that is the real challenge of being a top guide.

Additional Info

  • Gender: Female
  • City of Residence: Jerusalem
  • Primary Languages: English, Dutch
  • Name: aa
  • Other Languages: German, French, Hebrew, Yiddish
  • Licensed Guide: since 1993
  • Tour Guide License no: 4965
  • image: image