Background: Born and raised in Jerusalem, Eldad has always showed a passion for the city and started guiding at a very young age. Two formative years in the US earned Eldad a native tongue-level English and a BA in geography and international relations helped him form a wider perspective of Israel, its history and its current geo-political situation. 
Education: BA in geography and international relations from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, MA in geography and Urban and Regional Studies from the Hebrew Univeristy, Licensed Tour Guide course at the Ministry of Tourism and various other courses and trainings in relevant subjects. I have also given tours to would-be and veteran licensed guides and have written extensively about tourism in Jerusalem, as well as historical events pertaining to the city.
Famous/Important guests: All my clients are important, but over the years I have had the privilege of entertaining various NGO and IGO guests to Jerusalem, including the EU.

About myself: While I have a passion for my city and my country, their history and their physical and human beauty, I'm also the first to criticize them, highlighting what I percieve as their shortcomings and wrongdoings. Touring with me, one gets a fuller picture of Israel as a layered, complicated, and often conflicted country.

Additional Info

  • Gender: Male
  • City of Residence: Jerusalem
  • Primary Languages: Hebrew
  • Name: aa
  • Other Languages: English
  • Tour Guide License no: 7465
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