Background: Dina is a well-known Israeli guide who is highly respected by her, mostly male colleagues.
A native Israeli, Dina lives with her family in a beautiful Galilee village just north of Acre (Acco). She served as an instructor in the Education Corps during her army service and later earned several academic degrees in Political Sciences, Geography, Archeology and History. Before becoming a licensed tour guide, Dina lived in the US for a few years.
Education: BA in Political Sciences, Geography, Archeology and History.

About myself: I believe being a private tour guide is all about taking good care of my guests' needs. Every guest is special, each with his own interests and expectations from his Israel tour. As your guide to Israel I promise you a unique experience that will be tailor-made to your needs.

Additional Info

  • Gender: Female
  • City of Residence: Jerusalem
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Name: aa
  • Other Languages: Hebrew
  • Licensed Guide: since 1983
  • Tour Guide License no: 6630
  • image: image