Background: Reuven Reggev, is what we in Israel reffer to as the "salt of the earth".  Born and raised in Israel, Reuven joined the IDF to serve in an Elite paratroops inteligence unit. After taking his first and second degrees in the Hebrew University he commanded various Intelligence units of the Israeli Police force and later worked as a consultant to intelligence units of several security and law enforcement organizations all over the globe.

However, his greatest passion was always the land of Israel - Its people, views and its unique history. For that reason, he decided, first as an hobby and later as a full time profession, to take the 2 years Ministry of Tourism Tour Guide Course. And from 1998 till today, Reuven is leading individuals and groups all over Israel, and he is one of our busiest tour guides.

Education: BSc from Tel Aviv University in the field of Life Sciences. Various courses in Archeology, Geography and History of Israel and religions (specializing on Christianity). Various courses during his long career in the security forces.

Famous/Important guests: Boeing C.E.O, Foreign Affair Minister from Europe, diplomatic delegations and religious leaders.

About myself: My first priority is to fit the tour to the interests, personalities and enjoyment of my guests. Although I have led private tours of Israel for almost 3 decades, I am still learning from each and every tour and enjoy meeting and connecting with guests from all over the world.

Additional Info

  • Gender: Male
  • City of Residence: Jerusalem
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Name: aa
  • Other Languages: Hebrew
  • Licensed Guide: since 1998
  • Tour Guide License no: 5731
  • image: image