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To ensure your private tour experience will be tailored made to your needs, interests, and budget we carefully follow these rules - 

Asking you the right questions - Are you looking for a family-oriented tour or maybe you are more of an adventurer? Does history excite you or are you more into art or religion? 

Drafting an initial itinerary - That will be the base for our planning. You will always be able to change it (even during the tour!).

Matching you with the right guide - We insist that you will get to know your guide prior to booking with us. The success of your tour relies mainly on the chemistry between you and your guide. 

A personal tour adviser - Our tour adviser will be in touch with you from your initial inquiry, during your tour and even after you are back home.

Your Private Tour App - Your itinerary and our tour adviser are always a click (or phone call) away!



*** In case you wish to join an organized daily group tour, please follow the group day tours section. 

This spiritual and scenic Nazareth and Galilee tour will take you through some of the most famous and important sites of northern Israel.

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Israel Private Tour Guide together with its partner, one of the most distinguished tour operator in Israel, is proud to offer you this wonderful old and new Jerusalem day tour.

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Explore Israel’s Northern Galilee and Golan Heights in a journey that will take you through the Kabala capital, Safed to the wilderness dramatic views of the Golan Heights. 

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A not-to-be-missed private tour to the wonders of Old and Ancient Jerusalem with a selected picks from the new parts of this magnificent city.

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Visit Israel's coastal wonders - The Roman ruins of Caesarea, the ancient port city of Acco and the magnificent cliffs of Rosh Hanikra. 

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A fascinating, scenic and fun tour to not one, but two wonders of our world.

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