Traveling to Israel as a family can be an incredible, bonding experience. Combining the past, the history, archeology, and each family religious roots together with fun and modern experiences. The specific itinerary we create for each family varies differently more than any other trip due to the group mix, their ages, and interests. In this case, we prefer to hear from you first so we can suggest an itinerary that is already customized based on the information you will provide.


In general, what we usually recommend is to follow the main “must-sees” that will probably cover the majority of the tour, but what makes your family journey a real memorable experience is a lot more than just that. From the places you stay, the people you meet, the restaurants you visit and the professional level of the guide - it is all part of one big puzzle. This is the point where we can also add a big value and to smartly spice the tour plan with “adds-on” that relate specifically to you:

  • Do you wish to add an additional cultural aspect (i.e explore Israel’s best museums, gallery cultural scene, graffiti or nightlife tour)?  
  • Do you wish to explore different, less common lifestyles of living (life in the Kibbutz/Bedouin camp hospitality)?
  • Are you interested in deeper learning on the special geopolitical challenges Israel is facing (i.e meeting an expert in that field or visiting specific war-related museums)?
  • Are you a foodie who also love to visit boutique vineyards when traveling the countryside? (i.e Galilee's incredible vineyards, food market tasting tour etc’)
  • Would you like to experience a different desert experience (i.e old Jewish settles in Avdat, Mitspe Ramon crater etc’)?
  • How about exploring the history of the big cities from a different angle? (going through a live escape room in the streets)?

Is one of the family members coming to Israel on his 5th visit, while other members were never there? Each party wants and needs something else - and we know how to do it :-)


There are endless alternatives. It is up to you & us to engage together for the perfect planning. We believe that by providing us with details about your family such as the number of people, the age range of the members, their interests, if it is their 1st visit to Israel and if there are certain “must-see” will be a good start.

We will take it from here, talk/chat, offer an initial itinerary and finalize it together with you until we come up with the perfect plan. Based on that, we can provide you with the final price quote for the tour.


What are you waiting for? Contact us now to get your Israel trip’s ideal itinerary!